FootballWidowsFrtFootball Widows is headed to the big screen!!!

A movie based on the novel is in the works… more details to come soon!


It’s Football Season and these ladies are ready to play!

When NFL coaches gear up for war on the gridiron – their wives become widows left to fend for themselves.

When NFL wife B.J. Almond becomes hell bent on revenge, there’s more than enough drama to fill a football stadium. After walking in to find her head coach husband in bed with one of his assistant coaches’ wives, she is livid. But what really sets her off is when she discovers the other coaches’ wives knew about the affair all along. Now she’s furious and hungry for revenge.  And what better way to exact that revenge than to air everyone’s dirty laundry in a juicy tell-all book!

B.J. knows where all the bones are buried and she’s digging up all the dirt.

But before BJ starts writing, she’s running up the score with a lawsuit against her husband and his mistress. Armed with flight records, copies of naughty emails, phone records, and pictures, B.J. isn’t holding back.

Naturally, everyone is nervous…as they should be.

Jewel Swanson is now regretting the late, wine-filled nights she spent crying on B.J.’s shoulder about how she’s been getting revenge on her cheating husband.

Milena Brown thought her secrets and those of her clients were safe with B.J. but what she’s been doing won’t go over too well with her legions of followers.

Shawna Carter can’t believe she told B.J. about all of the degrading acts her husband has forced her into performing. Throw in the social climbing NFL groupie, Sasha Davenport, and the drama is about to kick into high gear.

These Football Widows have been busy during the season…

And they’ll stop at nothing to keep their dirty deeds from going public.